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Christian Content and Services

Supporting your journey to lasting Christian character.

When you choose the Christian Character Formation Project, your content is Christ-centered and the character formation process is motivated and guided by the Holy Spirit. Character grows not because someone insists it must; rather, growth is motivated and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit working within the Christian (Hebrews 13:20, 21).

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A Christ-centered, fulfilling and virtuous life is expressed when one’s God-given Identity, Purpose, and Actions are lived out fully and in complete alignment.

Here’s how our unique character formation process takes place within the Christian context:

  • With regard to Identity, the Christian materials focus on our Christian identity, linked to our status as children of God who believe in God’s promises (I John 3:1)
  • With regard to Purpose, the Christian materials address our purpose as Christians: to make God known through our serving leadership
  • Regarding our Actions, Christian acts are motivated by our Identity and Purpose. Virtues provide the framework for practicing the Christian life. Virtue is not an end in itself but rather a means to serve Greater Purpose

Activate. Experience. Internalize.The 3-step character formation process is also Biblically based, using Biblical narratives: 

  • The technique first examines what God has revealed through the protagonist (hero) of the story, putting the reader into the protagonist’s shoes for reflection. (Experience)
  • It then invites the reader to connect the hero’s story with his or her own experiences. (Internalize)
  • Finally, it encourages personal character growth, with actions motivated and guided by the Holy Spirit. (Activate)

“For this very reason, make every effort to
supplement your faith with virtue.” – 2 Peter 1:5

Christian content features:

  • 180 vivid Biblical narratives
  • 303 Facilitator Guides that provide background information about the narratives
  • 630 lesson plan sets that guide participants through the discovery questioning technique with the 3-step character formation process
  • Recommended content tailored for various age levels, PK-12
  • Expandable for all educational settings including classrooms, Sunday schools, homeschools, youth groups and after-school care programs
  • Content is supported by an intuitive online platform along with a mobile app that promotes engagement between parents, teachers, students and/or other mentors
  • Both digital and print-friendly materials
  • An excellent complement to Biblical and doctrinal studies
  • Video training modules guide users through the platform and build familiarity with the character formation process.
  • Onsite training available

Additional customization and support

Our online platform is designed to make accessing the materials convenient and affordable. It increases engagement, enables co-creation, and unlocks the potential of the collective of Character Growers.

Your subscription also can include:

  • Customization of character programming to align with your unique application or setting
  • A combination of online video training modules and onsite training by experienced, world-class trainers