Our Unique Process

We designed our unique process to
make character formation intentional and lasting.

process triangle

The process begins with an understanding of
how character is formed and where it is held.

How character is formed

Character is formed when four essential elements are present:

 Influential people’s stories: This could be my own story, the story of an influential person in my life, or heroes in society or history.

Pain and struggle: This could be my own pain and struggle, or the experience of another person. Either way, I need to stand in the shoes of that person and feel his or her pain and struggle.

A Greater Purpose: A cause or passion I love deeply, for which I would relinquish my own self-interest. It is a context bigger than me. My Greater Purpose gives meaning to everything I do.

Practice: A commitment to acting out the virtues in the story, inspired by what I have discovered while reflecting on my Identity and Purpose within the larger context of Greater Purpose.

Where character is held:

Character is held internally. It is the answer to 3 very important and personal questions:

Who am I?
How shall I live?
Why am I?

Applying the process

Our 3-step character formation process guides Character Growers
through a discovery question technique in which the four essential elements are present.

Through vivid stories, Character Growers stand in the shoes of the person in the story and reflect on that person’s actions, as well as what their own actions might be in that situation.

The process guides
the Character Grower
to make a special
connection with the
person in the story,
internalizing the experience.

Finally, the process stimulates action, motivated by
Greater Purpose.


cfp process segments


When the process is applied correctly, it is more than behavior modification.
It forms deep, internally held, lasting character.