Member Resources

We’re so excited to have you engaged in the Character Formation Project! Your entire school community – students, staff, families – is on a journey to grow lasting character. Your commitment to growing character makes your school very special!

The resources on this page will help you explain what the Character Formation Project is, and how it enhances the educational experience at your school.

“We are a Character Formation Project School” Posters: These posters are suitable for hallways and/or spaces where parents will visit. It explains what it means to be part of the Character Formation Project.  Download the 11×17 posters – Civic

Trifold Brochure: This brochure explains the Character Formation Project and the benefits for schools. It is a great handout for enrolled and prospective families.  Download the Civic Brochure

Approved logos and guidelines. Our logos are available for use in your newsletters or on your website. Please follow our logo guidelines. Please note that our logo is a registered trademark. If you have any questions about use of our logos, please contact us at Download logo package and guidelines

Website Language: We encourage schools to promote their involvement in the Character Formation Project. Doing so differentiates your school and prompts conversations about character growth within your school community. You may glean language for your website from the poster and trifold brochure mentioned above.

Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook! And please send us your photos and success stories! We’ll be happy to share them! Send to

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. We are happy to serve you, and we’re excited to see you succeed!


Ellen Bartling, PhD
National Director of Content and Operations