The Lutheran Initiative

Lutheran schools have a rich history of providing Bible-based Christian education to children and families. The Character Formation Project is quickly becoming a partner for more and more Lutheran schools seeking a program and tools to intentionally focus on character growth.

Here’s why Lutheran schools are choosing to join the Christian Character Formation Project:

1.  CCFP grows character from the inside out. Our unique approach cultivates a sense of Greater Purpose and ultimately creates internal motivation. Character that grows not because someone says it must; rather, growth is motivated and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit working within the Christian (Hebrews 13:20, 21).

2.  CCFP effectively shapes school culture. We equip each student with the skills to grow personally, to collaborate with others, and make good decisions. In addition, through our collaborative approach, CCFP helps teachers gain a better understanding of who children are outside the context of school, improving communication between schools and families. Our fully integrated mobile platform and mobile app allows students, staff and families to embark on the character formation journey together. As a result, character growth becomes embedded into the life and culture of the school.

3.  Low prep time, big impact. Teaching CCFP lessons 15 minutes a day, four days per week is a recommended standard. The CCFP lesson plan framework found on our platform allows teachers to significantly reduce their prep time – in one instance to just 30 minutes.

4.  Learn from other schools. A unique space on the platform dedicated to Lutheran schools contains all the lessons, important Lutheran-specific materials, and information in one convenient place for all Lutheran schools in the Project network. Then, each partner school will have an opportunity to send up to two people to a character formation retreat after the first year of implementation to reflect on and share what they are learning while engaged in the Project.

5.  CCFP is committed to accessibility and affordability. We envision a world with unlimited opportunity and freedom for all children to pursue their full potential to fulfill Greater Purpose. At the same time, we’re aware of the challenges of limited financial resources in schools. For this reason, we’re working to engage generous philanthropic partners who are willing to invest in schools that are committed to the Christian Character Formation Project.

Learn how other schools use CCFP!

Download our case studies and what some of our partners say about the project:

Christ Community Lutheran School, St. Louis, MO
St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Jackson, MO
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