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Read about the Christian Character Formation Project in The Lutheran Reporter: ‘Gospel-driven’ approach to character formation helps students find identity in Christ

“Things are going very well with the Character Formation Project. Teachers have been fantastic and receptive to the training and prep work connected with it; that’s vital to the program’s impact and success. Teachers are using the language of the virtues and relating student situations to to the lessons they use when working with students.”

– Paul Marinko, principal, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Our school has piloted this program for more than a year, and there may be no better curriculum out there to build Christian character in our students. The curriculum has the power to transform our schools as we advance the kingdom of God through our students and their families… I am convinced that there is nothing more important that we do in our schools than teach kids about their Identity in Christ, their Purpose of making God known in the world, and how these truths play out in their everyday Actions to advance the Greater Purpose of God’s kingdom. This is as good as gold for our Lutheran schools.”

– Jonathan Butterfield, executive director, Christ Community Lutheran School, St. Louis


“The Christian Character Formation Project grounds one’s Identity in God’s sure and certain Word, while exploring one’s Purpose and activating one’s faith in love towards God and others. I have personally witnessed how the CCFP has transformed lives, both young and old, through the study of God’s Word.”

– Matt Hoehner, LCMS pastor and contributing CCFP author


“So thankful you brought this amazing character developing curriculum to our school! I thought I’d share [A VIDEO] of what one student created and posted. I LOVE the conversations we have throughout the lessons. Thanks again for all you do.”

– Rachel Klug, 2nd grade teacher, Christ Community Lutheran School, St. Louis


“My heart for children’s ministry at The Vail Church is that children would come to know the Lord in a personal way, and that they would understand and love his Word. Working with the Character Formation Project has been such a positive experience for me personally, and for our children’s ministry! I love that the Character Formation Project shares my passion for true life-change through a personal relationship with Jesus and a focus on character-forming virtues. Not only do they offer talented curriculum writers, but they are always willing to take any steps needed to guide and train our staff and volunteers to feel confident to teach the lessons and understand the character forming process. The children enjoy the lessons each week; I am so encouraged to know that they are opening their Bibles each Sunday and engaging with biblical characters. They are challenged to recognize virtues in their lives in light of their identity in Christ, and they are learning their purpose of making him known in the world.”

– Heather Bergquist, Children’s Ministry Director, The Vail Church, Avon, CO


“I was searching for an answer to questions today’s educators face: ‘How can we as a school foster the social-emotional growth of our children? How do we equip them to handle everything on the spectrum, from praise to snubbing to name calling, and everything in between? There are programs and curricula out there that teach kids what good behavior looks like, but most of these programs miss the crux of today’s social-emotional issues: It is Christian character that produces good behavior. I’m interested in trying to build people up and help them understand that you can’t always eliminate bad behavior. It will happen among kids. The Christian Character Formation Project provides us the structure and the framework to have these conversations and empower kids to deal with every situation they encounter.”

–  Tim Mirly, Principal, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Jackson, MO